Revised and edge revised Szeged indices of graphs


  • Morteza Faghani University of Kashan, Iran
  • Ali Reza Ashrafi University of Kashan, Iran



Szeged index, edge Szeged index, revised Szeged index, revised edge Szeged index.


The revised Szeged index is a molecular structure descriptor equal to the sum of products [nu(e) + n0(e) / 2] × [nv(e) + n0(e) / 2] over all edges e = uv of the molecular graph G, where n0(e) is the number of vertices equidistant from u and v, nu(e) is the number of vertices whose distance to vertex u is smaller than the distance to vertex v and nv(e) is defined analogously. In this paper, new formula for computing this molecular descriptor is presented by which it is possible to reprove most of results given in [M. Aouchiche and P. Hansen, On a conjecture about the Szeged index, European J. Combin. 31 (2010), 1662–1666]. We also present an edge version of this graph invariant. At the end of the paper an open question is presented.





Special Issue Bled'11