Genus distributions of graphs under self-edge-amalgamations

Mehvish I. Poshni, Imran F. Khan, Jonathan L. Gross


We investigate the well-known problem of counting graph imbeddings on all oriented surfaces with a focus on graphs that are obtained by pasting together two root-edges of another base graph. We require that the partitioned genus distribution of the base graph with respect to these root-edges be known and that both root-edges have two 2-valent endpoints. We derive general formulas for calculating the genus distributions of graphs that can be obtained either by self-co-amalgamating or by self-contra-amalgamating a base graph whose partitioned genus distribution is already known. We see how these general formulas provide a unified approach to calculating genus distributions of many new graph families, such as co-pasted and contra-pasted closed chains of copies of the triangular prism graph, as well as graph families like circular and Möbius ladders with previously known solutions to the genus distribution problem.


Graph, genus distribution, edge-amalgamation

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ISSN: 1855-3974

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