Vol 14, No 1 (2018)

Table of Contents


Octahedral, dicyclic and special linear solutions of some Hamilton-Waterloo problems PDF ABSTRACTS (EN/SI)
Simona Bonvicini, Marco Buratti 1-14
A semigroup identity for tropical 3 x 3 matrices PDF ABSTRACTS (EN/SI)
Yaroslav Shitov 15-23
Right quadruple convexity PDF ABSTRACTS (EN/SI)
Dandan Li, Liping Yuan, Tudor Zamfirescu 25-38
Game distinguishing numbers of Cartesian products PDF ABSTRACTS (EN/SI)
Sylvain Gravier, Kahina Meslem, Simon Schmidt, Souad Slimani 39-54
Tridiagonal pairs of q-Racah type, the Bockting operator ψ, and L-operators for Uq(L(sl2)) PDF ABSTRACTS (EN/SI)
Paul Terwilliger 55-65
Vertex-quasiprimitive 2-arc-transitive digraphs PDF ABSTRACTS (EN/SI)
Michael Giudici, Binzhou Xia 67-82
Characterising CCA Sylow cyclic groups whose order is not divisible by four PDF ABSTRACTS (EN/SI)
Luke Morgan, Joy Morris, Gabriel Verret 83-95
Combinatorial configurations, quasiline arrangements, and systems of curves on surfaces PDF ABSTRACTS (EN/SI)
Jürgen Bokowski, Jurij Kovič, Tomaž Pisanski, Arjana Žitnik 97-116
Axiomatic characterization of transit functions of hierarchies PDF ABSTRACTS (EN/SI)
Manoj Changat, Ferdoos Hossein Nezhad, Peter F. Stadler 117-128
On the distribution of subtree orders of a tree PDF
Dimbinaina Ralaivaosaona, Stephan Wagner 129-156
(224) and (264) configurations of lines PDF
Michael Joachim Cuntz 157-163
The size of algebraic integers with many real conjugates PDF
Artūras Dubickas 165-176
Every finite group has a normal bi-Cayley graph PDF
Jin-Xin Zhou 177-186
Flag-transitive automorphism groups of 2-designs with λ ≥ (r, λ)2 and an application to symmetric designs PDF
Shenglin Zhou, Xiaoqin Zhan 187-195
Trees with small spectral gap PDF
Ivana Jovović, Tamara Koledin, Zoran Stanić 197-207