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Vol 11, No 1 (2016)

Table of Contents

In Memoriam

Petra Šparl (1975-2016) PDF
Janez Žerovnik


Klavdija Kutnar, Dragan Marušič, Tomaž Pisanski


The Cartesian product of graphs with loops PDF ABSTRACTS (EN/SI)
Tetiana Boiko, Johannes Cuno, Wilfried Imrich, Florian Lehner, Christiaan E. van de Woestijne 1-9
Spectral centrality measures in temporal networks PDF ABSTRACTS (EN/SI)
Selena Praprotnik, Vladimir Batagelj 11-33
Z_3-connectivity of K_{1,3}-free graphs without induced cycle of length at least 5 PDF ABSTRACTS (EN/SI)
Xiangwen Li, Jianqing Ma 35-47
Finite two-distance-transitive graphs of valency 6 PDF ABSTRACTS (EN/SI)
Wei Jin, Li Tan 49-58
Spherical folding tessellations by kites and isosceles triangles IV PDF ABSTRACTS (EN/SI)
Catarina Avelino, Altino Santos 59-78
Distinguishing graphs by total colourings PDF ABSTRACTS (EN/SI)
Rafał Kalinowski, Monika Pilśniak, Mariusz Woźniak 79-89
Accola theorem on hyperelliptic graphs PDF ABSTRACTS (EN/SI)
Maxim P. Limonov 91-99
A note on automorphisms of halved Cayley graphs of Coxeter systems PDF ABSTRACTS (EN/SI)
Mark Pankov 101-106
Involutes of polygons of constant width in Minkowski planes PDF ABSTRACTS (EN/SI)
Marcos Craizer, Horst Martini 107-125
Two-arc-transitive two-valent digraphs of certain orders PDF ABSTRACTS (EN/SI)
Primož Potočnik, Katja Berčič 127-146
Testing whether the lifted group splits PDF ABSTRACTS (EN/SI)
Rok Požar 147-156
On factorisations of complete graphs into circulant graphs and the Oberwolfach problem PDF ABSTRACTS (EN/SI)
Brian Alspach, Darryn Bryant, Daniel Horsley, Barbara Maenhaut, Victor Scharaschkin 157-173
The 2A-Majorana representations of the Harada-Norton group PDF ABSTRACTS (EN/SI)
Clara Franchi, Alexander A. Ivanov, Mario Mainardis 175-187
On colour-preserving automorphisms of Cayley graphs PDF ABSTRACTS (EN/SI)
Ademir Hujdurović, Klavdija Kutnar, Dave Witte Morris, Joy Morris 189-213
Geometric point-circle pentagonal geometries from Moore graphs PDF ABSTRACTS (EN/SI)
Klara Stokes, Milagros Izquierdo 215-229


PhD Fellowship at the University of Primorska, Slovenia PDF
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